Women Empowerment

Women are still dominant in third world nations like Nepal, and they are not treated equally to males even in modern times. Some communities still believe that women should not receive an education or provide for their families. When it comes to contributing, most feel that becoming educated and providing for their families is only a man’s responsibility. Women are thought to be more backward than males since they are expected to do household work such as cleaning, cooking, and child care. Everest Fashion, on the other hand, was established to provide employment opportunities for women in Nepal and is a great advocate of gender equality and providing equal opportunities for women and men. The company not only provides jobs to women, but also provides skills to develop handcrafted items, i.e., felt and knitted craftwork, and earn money.

This has enabled them to financially support their family and has shown society that they are not merely a child-producing family that must rely on their spouse. This has assisted women in becoming self-sufficient and has created opportunities for professional advancement. Furthermore, when a mother feels empowered, her children and family are more likely to have a good education, nutritious food, and excellent health. Everest Fashion has as one of its primary aims to eradicate poverty, empower women, and improve women’s livelihoods. Therefore, the role of women is critical in bringing constructive development and transformation to society.