Fairtrade has always been a priority for Everest Fashion.

The company has always put the people behind the craft first.

Here are some of the initiated projects : Everest Fashion is proud to be the first Fair Trade USA certified company in Nepal. as well as a WTFO group guaranteed member.

Being a fair trade certified factory. we are highly aware of our responsibilities towards our craftswomen, artisans, and all the people throughout our supply chain.

Our artisans and craftswomen get various opportunities and benefits to grow as well as gain a financial security and escape the cycle of poverty. Our artisans are skilled, empowered and speak what they believe. 

A 2% premium fund directly goes to our artisans and to our staffs. Our workers committee then decides the type of projects to be instigated.

Orphanage/old age home donation

Rebuilding Homes after a devastating earthquake

Blanket distribution

Health Insurance

Sanitary Napkins Distribution

Education Monthly Fee

Our Collaboration with Wine 2 Water

Sawyer Filter Distribution Program at Taukhel Unit with the help of fair trade USA team. We collaborated with Wine to Water in response to the Covid-19


This is how we have complied to the ten standards of WFTO:

We do not discriminate, Freedom of Association

Everest Fashion provides opportunities for women and men to develop their skills and actively promotes applications from women for job vacancies and for leadership positions in the organization. Every staff can give their opinion and speak their view.

Our workers committee represent all our workers from every department. They ensure that their is equal opportunity and no discrimination.

Good working conditions

Everest Fashion highly values on health and safety of our producers as well as the environment. Emergency exits, evacuation plan, fire hydrants, first aid kits are installed in all of our factory. Working hours and conditions for employees are complied with the national and local news.

Transparent and Accountability

Everest Fashion is transparent in its management and commercial relations and accountable to all its stakeholders and respects the sensitivity and confidentiality of commercial information supplied. It ensures appropriate, participatory ways to involve its employees and producers in its decision-making processes. Also, it ensures that relevant information is provided to all its trading partners.

The top management regularly has meetings directly with the artisans to connect to their concerns and questions.

Creating opportunities for economically disadvantage producers

Everest Fashion’s mission is to develop the social and economic capacity of poor, rural, disadvantaged women in Nepal by creating productive employment opportunities and sustainable linkages to world market.

Fair Payment

Everest Fashion has a belief for equal pay for equal work. All our artisans are paid on time and are happy. We also consider paying living wages to all our producers. Everest Fashion is also concerned about the health benefits and retirement benefits of the producers and staffs.

Fair Trade Practice

Everest Fashion operates its business with concern for the social, economic and environmental well-being of its producers. It is responsible in meeting its commitments with all its trading partners in a timely manner. The organization maintains long term relationships based on solidarity, trust and mutual respect that contribute to the promotion and growth of Fair Trade. 

Capacity Building

Everest Fashion artisans are given job training continuously to develop necessary skills to become succesful and develop a good career. Likewise, we provide regular trainings to overcome the challenges for the quality assurance, production, new design and other requirements

Promote Fair Trade

Everest Fashion is a huge supporter for promoting fair trade. We always educate all our buyers on what fair trade really mean,its benefits and aware them to use the fair trade logo and tags.

Respect for the environment

Everest Fashion takes various precautions to minimize the impact on the environment in every step of the manufacturing process.
Recycle packaging are used.Also, to limit the use of conventional energy we have installed solar energy for whole office.