We are beautifully interconnected with each other and our planet which means that every choice we make has its consequences and its potentials.

With our commitment towards the people and planet, Everest Fashion is mindful for every action taken on how we are impacting the environment and strive for closed-loop circuits.

Our ambition is to reduce the use of resources such as energy, water and raw materials across the whole value-creation chain. Here are some of the initiatives taken by Everest Fashion.

What Makes Our Products Sustainable ?


  • Handmade using traditional needle felt and wet felting techniques
  • Use of only natural materials like wool and cotton
  • Biodegradable Product
  • Educating all customers to use Recycled packaging materials.
  • Use of biodegradable plastic bags
  • No machine use
  • Ethically sourced wool, natural dyes


  • Iso 9000:2015  Certified Company
  • Priority on Workers’s Safety
  • Fair Trade Usa Certified and world fair trade organization guranteed member
  • All workers are covered under medical benefits & social security


  • No Harmful/Banned chemical used
  • Zero water discharge
  • Use of alterative energy; Solar Power for whole office
  • Member of HIGG Index

Local Community

  • Handmade with pure materials
  • Biodegradable Product
  • Zero Plastic used for packaging