We are Responsible to our society 

Environmental Commitment

Along with a rainwater harvesting system, Seet Kamal has a zero water discharge policy wherein we recycle our waste water thereby decreasing water consumption by 70%. No harmful or banned chemicals are used in any of the production processes.

Biophyllic Architecture

All new buildings have small balconies with hanging gardens, courtyards with tree plantations, bird baths and a local plant nursery to create a more productive and healthy built environment for our people.

Social Commitment

We are a socially responsible company. Our partnerships with schools for differently abled children, food banks for marginalised communities and plantation drives in the industrial areas help us keep the spirit of the company alive.

Equal Opportunity

For years, we’ve been proud to be recognized as inclusivity leaders in our industry. We foster no discrimination on the grounds of gender, disability, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political orientation, HIV positives or other.

Fair Wages

No work is less work. All wages paid at SeetKamal are in compliance with the minimum wage rules of the state for skilled and unskilled workers. Salaries are increased annually for everyone keeping in mind the market inflation.

Reasonable Hours

We understand the nature of our work. A regular day at SeetKamal is 8 hours which includes 3 breaks (30 minutes lunch break, two tea breaks 15 minutes each). Our work week is 6 days with Sundays non working.